Challenge #1

Challenge #1: Accept the first challenge and make a page labeling it with your name. For example, chauvettel and then add your contact information and change the font and color. You will also need to add a picture. You can use one of yourself or choose an avatar of yourself or even pick some artwork you have completed or a symbol that represents you. (Please do not put pictures of other people if you are not in it and don't have permission.) Click on the Challenge One Link on the left navigation bar to see how to accomplish your goal.

Making a New Page: click on the tab that says New Page

Add your name to the Page: for example, chauvettel and click Create on the bottom right

Now click the Edit button on the top right and a toolbar will appear across the top of your screen. You can now type your name, position and if you want a little blurb to tell about yourself.

You will now want to highlight whatever you are choosing to change in Font, color and size. I chose to change to make everything the same. Though you could choose to highlight your name only and change that.

The next step is to learn how to change some basic color, size and font. On the toolbar you will see a T with a colorful world behind it. Click on this and it will bring up another box with options to change Font, Size and Color.

You will now need to click the Apply Styles tab in the lower right hand side.

The final step of this challenge is to Add a picture! Either add a picture from your photos or find one that is labeled for reuse on the internet. Once you have your picture and know where to locate it on your computer you can click on the File icon.

Now click on the Upload File and choose the file you want to upload (it will be wherever you saved it on your computer). For example, mine was in my Photos and under Photo Booth. I chose the picture I wanted and clicked open. This picture will now be automatically placed into the images and files screen shown below.

Now that your image in in your wiki files you have to click on it (turning it yellow) and it will add to the page. Be careful though, the image will add to wherever the curser last was and the image may come in quite large.

To change the image size just use the subtraction and addition signs.

Now you are done! Don't forget to click the Save button!

Challenge #1 Complete
Congratulations on learning how to add a page,change font, style and add a picture!