Challenge #2

In order to complete Challenge #2 you will need to have completed Challenge #1

Challenge #2: The goal of this challenge is to design a Wordle and save one to your desktop. Then you will need to upload the wordle you made to your wiki page and give one way you might use Wordle with your students in the classroom.

Wordles in the Classroom

1. Go to and click on create

2. Type in or copy and paste words in the box to form the word cloud (I copied in words from a word document)

*Important words can be enlarged by repeating the typed word. The word does not need to be consecutive. I repeated the word challenge multiple times {shown circled in Green}
*To keep two words linked in the wordle, use the tilde key between the words (ie. Wordles~in~the~Classroom) {shown with blue arrows}
*When complete hit “go” button {shown with a purple arrow}

3. Java will convert your words into a cloud. You now can choose either randomize or manually change your font and colors. The randomize button is shown at the bottom on one of the tabs. I choose to randomize 3 times. {look for the blue arrow to see its location}

4. You can change the Font.

You can change the Layout

You can change the Color

With changing color you can also Edit custom palette... You click on the link and change the palette.


5. You will now need to take a screen shot to save your image to your desktop. Hold down the Command Key, the Shift Key and the number 4 and you will see a little target come on the screen where the arrow would be. You just need to start in the top left corner and drag down to the bottom right corner. It may take a few tries to get it right. The image is saved to your desktop as a picture file.

6. Upload the image to your page on the wiki. Go to Edit on your page and put your cursor on your page where you want the image to go. Now click the File icon. From there choose upload file and find the screenshot you just took. When the image uploads click on it and then it will appear on your page. You will need to shrink it down to fit the screen.

7. Add at least one way you might use Wordle in the classroom.

You’re done. Thanks for participating! Don’t forget to see what other teachers might have created or added for ideas.