Challenge #4

Challenge Four: The goal of this challenge is to design a Motivational Poster using a picture you have taken or have drawn either by hand of digitally. You may also use a picture that you have received permission to use and alter. You will then post your final project on your own page of the wiki.

Step 1: Find a picture to use. You can take one from your photos or you may even attempt to draw one using TuxPaint or Sumo Paint

Step 2: Go to the Wigflip website and click on Choose File

Step 3: Import your picture and then add Title Option, choose the type of title you want and click Preview. Once you click preview and you like your picture you will need to take a screen shot of it. You will then post the screen shot on your own page of the wiki and your done!

I used this site with my first and second graders to make Thankful posters and Holiday posters with them. I then took the image they created and turned them into cards for the holidays and tags for presents. If you would like to do something like this with your class let me know.

Examples of some student work: