Challenge #5
Dropbox and accounts

We are in a world now that requires us to have our work in multiple locations and we want to be able to have access to it anywhere from any device. Using Dropbox on the web and then using the site to get information into your account is easy and efficient to use plus it will be stored in one location!

Part #1
Your first step of the project is to use word and save a file with the name dropbox(your name) to your desktop. Your word document should be simple and might include a short blurb to me about technology. This is so you can see what it will look like when your students or others drop files into your dropbox.

Step #2
Go to and add the password (e-mail me for the password . Click on LOGIN

Then click Choose File and located the word document you labeled for me called dropbox(your name)

When it states File successfully uploaded to my Dropbox you are all set to close out of the website.

Part #2
Obtain a dropbox account. Go to and watch the short movie.
Step #2
Run the Installer and then drag the blue box icon to the blue application folder. Then double clip the dropbox icon.
When Dropbox opens on your Mac it will open on the top of your screen near the time.

Part #3
Now go to and register as a new user.

*You will need to make sure you are logged into your dropbox account.

Username: I would suggest for your username to be your last name and then your first initial. Your username will become part of the url.
E-mail: add your school e-mail
Password and Password repeat: This password is for you to remember (choose something you won’t forget)
Upload password: This is a password for the students or others to use when dropping things into your dropbox . Use something simple to remember and that you can share with students. The one I chose was sent to you in a separate e-mail.


Final part of the project:**
Open up a word document and tell me how you might use dropbox and accounts in your job. Be sure to include your url and password so that I can drop something into your dropbox. You are then going to drop it to me at and add to your page on the wiki your url and password or how to obtain the password if someone doesn’t know it. (maybe your e-mail with a quick direction to contact you if they need the password)