HCS Tech Challenge
Throughout the school year I will be placing some challenges for the teachers at HCS to work toward. See how many you can complete! In order to complete the challenge and achieve the goal you will need to post your information, pictures or products onto this wiki.

Challenge One: Accept the first challenge and make a page labeling it with your name. For example, chauvettel and then add your contact information and change the font and color. You will also need to add a picture. You can use one of yourself or choose an avatar or even pick some artwork you may have completed. Click on the Challenge One Link on the left navigation bar to see how to accomplish your goal.
Challenge Two: The goal of this challenge is to design a Wordle and save one to your desktop. Then you will need to upload the wordle you made to your wiki page and give one way you might use Wordle with your students in the classroom.

Challenge Three: The goal of this challenge is to design a Google Form and have a group of people complete it. Then you will need to take a Google Survey I made. Finalizing the challenge with adding how you might use Google Forms in your job.

Challenge Four: The goal of this challenge is to design a Motivational Poster using a picture you have taken or have drawn either by hand of digitally. You may also use a picture that you have received permission to use and alter. You will then post your final project on your own page of the wiki.

Challenge Five: We are in a world now that requires us to have our work in multiple locations and we want to be able to have access to it anywhere from any device. Using Dropbox on the web and then using the dropitto.me site to get information into your account is easy and efficient to use plus it will be stored in one location! You will learn how to get your own dropbox and use dropitto.me to get resources into one place.